You can control either your ship or your cannon - but not both at the same time

Can you survive?

IMPORTANT: Don't use WASD keys, as ctrl+D will make your browser try to bookmark the page and make it unplayable. Use the arrow keys!


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Made withUnity
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam, Shoot 'Em Up, Unity


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pretty fun! I did have my experience ruined because I got tapped by ONE GUY and it instakilled me ;-;


Hey thanks for your comment! 

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I'm sure this is fun, but I'm not gonna find out because I keep closing, opening the shortcut window or switching tabs because control is also the command button. It's really infuriating actually lmao. I recommend switching it to shift.

Yeah I know, sorry! Try playing fullscreen and those issues shouldn't bother.

Not a super tough game once I figured out to just point the gun behind me and fly in a straight line tapping ctrl for speed. Kicking on the shield or the boost is a great panic button and I got 76 kills before I got killed on my first try once I started doing this. Thanks for making the game, MattBolere.

Thank you! :D

Super fun!  I wish there was a health bar though.

Super fun! I love the concept and the straightforward controls. But like the other comments mentioned, the difficulty curve is really steep. I found it hard to survive long enough to destroy even one enemy. But the concept is strong! Just needs some tuning and it has the potential to be really fun!

This is the sort of thing I want to see in an arcade style game. Even though it's likely not a new idea, it still is done very well.

There is a problem though. Difficulty is way too hard for even the first enemy. This can be fixed with a scaled leveling system, and it can make the game feel even better.

But this is a good concept! Good job on this Game Jam, I also don't mind there's no sound. Maybe in an update, but sound can easily ruin a game for me if it isn't done well. Good luck!

I like the game but the gun is very difficult to control and the enemy ships will just crash into you which is an instant death. Regardless its really fun to fly around in, good work.