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I had fun. Have you considered making the ship just autofire? Playing through I never really had a reason to stop firing, and if that's the case holding space the entire time seems redundant after a little while. I'm not to familiar with shmups so I dont know if another game has done that already but I feel like a shmup where you cant stop firing or only fire when you're moving would lead to some interesting gameplay if you designed around it. Just an idea. Good job.

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Hey, man! I want to thank you very much for your comment, as it stuck with me all this time and I used it in the GMTK Jam this yer! It's not exactly as you suggested, but you inspired me!

Check it out!

Just played and left a rating on 100 Enemies! It was super fun (if a bit difficult) and it's really cool to see a suggestion from a year ago left a seed for the next jam! I only managed to kill 4 enemies on my best run but the game itself feels good and functions great, so I imagine with just a bit of iteration it'd be at a point I could likely survive all 100!

If you feel up to it, want to check out my jam entry for this year? Its about fighting gravity in a pinball/pachinko machine

For sure, left my comment on the submission page! Nice game! And thanks for your feedback!